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    IT’S THE RIDE: Pro Surfers x Clarins
    • Alessa Quizon
    • This 21-year-old tells Refinery29 she uses our UV Plus facial sunscreen for SPF, and "to make my skin look more bronze."
    • Stephanie Gilmore
    • A six-time World Champion, Gilmore wrote a love letter to Beauty Flash Balm for Style Bistro, saying, "I carry this brightening balm with me everywhere I go. It's perfect for planes, after surf and everyday hydrating."
    • Gilmore also wore Clarins to this year's Met Gala, with makeup by Colleen O'Neill and a dress by Marchesa!
    • Ari Serrano-Embree
    • As the owner of the Oakland Surf Club, Serrano-Embree knows outdoor sports require major protection like Sunscreen for Face and Wrinkle Control.

    Today’s Google Doodle features Duke Kahanamoku, who pioneered surf culture worldwide. The Hawaiian native helped turn his hometown tradition into a global sport while promoting Polynesian heritage, environmental preservation, and water safety.  And we’ll send him a merci for The Beach Boys, bikinis, and those crazy-amazing Chanel surfboards, too.

    Today, it’s estimated that 23 million people are surfers… and they all need sun protection. Fortunately, Clarins has their back… and shoulders… and legs… and arms!  Our formulas are hydrating, water-resistant, and plant-based, which might be why beaucoup pro surfers use our products on the job.

    Click through the gallery above to see some of our favorite Clarins fans, along with the products that keep them on top, without putting their skin in the red.