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    SKIN WIN: The Week in Celebrity Beauty
    • Iman at No. 8 in New York City
    • Double Serum is a groundbreaking way to look luminous at every age.
    • Renee Zellweger at Hugo Boss' Berlin fashion show
    • When exercising your right to bare arms, try Extra Firming Body Cream to lift and tone skin.
    • Model Lily Aldridge just had a baby - really!
    • Our Beautiful Beginnings Pregnancy Kit smoothes skin and helps erase stretch marks
    • America Ferrera has some of the best skin we've ever seen.
    • Help yours glow with Beauty Flash Balm - a must for the "natural" look
    • Dakota Fanning leaves the gym in Hollywood.
    • Anti Eau Oil energizes muscles after a tough workout.

    Other websites have a weekly Best Dressed pick, but Beauty Flash Blog has Skin Win, a list of the most glowing women we’ve seen recently.

    This week’s winner is Iman, the stunning 57-year-old supermodel who appeared at the Manhattan hotspot No. 8 with luminous skin and a sweet rose lip that complimented her shimery gold dress without distracting from its goddess-on-earth effect.  You may not have Iman’s blessed genetic code, but if you get a bottle of our new Double Serum, you’ll have a complete age-control concentrate that’s literally at the tips of your fingers.  (It promotes firmer skin and reduced wrinkles, too – because you can’t have too many goddesses-on-earth, right?)

    Also on the “You Look Amazing” spectrum:

    *Renee Zellweger in a bombshell Hugo Boss dress and sexy bared limbs. (You can enhance your own with Extra Firming Body Cream.)

    *Model Lily Aldridge flaunting her post-pregnancy body with thigh-high boots.  We know something about how to keep skin soothed and supple before and after babies, too!

    *America Ferrera looking positively luminous onstage at the Celebrity Charades benefit.  If you want to go the natural makeup route too, Beauty Flash Balm is step one – mix it with a little foundation and you’re good to go.

    *Dakota Fanning leaving the gym in Hollywood with her trademark dazzling smile.  We’re still getting feedback from our Great Twitter Debate – when @clarinsnews asked if you wear makeup to the gym – but regardless, you might want to stash Anti Eau Body Treatment in your yoga bag.  It soothes, energizes, and moisturizes skin – and makes your post-workout high that much better!