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    SKIN WIN: The Week in Celebrity Beauty
    • Jessica Biel, shot by Billy Farrell in Sundance
    • HydraQuench Tinted Moisturizer for great winter skin
    • Instant Light Natural Lip Perfector in Nude completes the look
    • Rooney Mara at the Sundance Film Festival
    • Copy Rooney's lightly smoked eye with a color-wash of Ombre Minerale eyeshadow
    • Freida Pinto looking all glowy...
    • An effect we know well thanks to Beauty Flash Balm!
    • Jamie Lee Curtis
    • Double Serum helps skin look vital, even without makeup (or Curtis' gorgeous Hollywood looks!)
    • Dakota Fanning at the Sundance Film Festival
    • Copy her look with Rouge Prodige Lipstick in Raspberry Sorbet, which has both shimmer and moisturizer!
    • Claire Courtin-Clarins at the MoMA's PS1
    • Claire is wearing Tonic Body Treatment Oil underneath her fishnet stockings...
    • And Jolie Rouge Lipstick in 111 Clarins Red!

    Other websites have a weekly Best Dressed pick, but Beauty Flash Blog has Skin Win, a list of the most glowing women we’ve seen recently.

    This week’s winner is Jessica Biel, who arrived at the Sundance Film Festival wearing a classic natural makeup look.  You can winterize your skin – and copy Biel’s beauty style – with HydraQuench Tinted Moisturizer, which protects skin in extreme climate while boosting its color, too.  (And you thought multitasking was only for afternoons in the office!)  Add a moisturizing lip gloss like Instant Light Natural Lip Perfector, and you’ve not only given your mouth a sexy shine, you’ve also helped insulate it from harsh winds and chapping.  As for the rest of Biel’s glow… well, we regret to inform you that Justin Timberlake is not sold on

    More looks we love:

    *Freida Pinto with glowing cheeks and lips – something easy to accomplish with a quick swipe of Beauty Flash Balm.

    *Dakota Fanning looking smartly sweet with candy pink lips.  (Protect your pout from winter winds with a moisturizing formula, like Rouge Prodige Lipstick in 111 Raspberry Sorbet.)

    *Rooney Mara premiering her new movie Side Effects with a wash of brown eyeshadow – a nice alternative to the popular cat-eye, and super easy to do with a soft eye color, a few drops of water, and a small, clean makeup brush (look for one whose bristles are the size and shape of a Q-Tip).

    *Jamie Lee Curtis wearing no makeup and a smile.  She likes Activia yogurt to get a flat stomach; we like Double Serum to get smooth, age-defying skin.  (It doesn’t have fruit on the bottom of the container, but it does have 20 essential plant extracts, including super-fruits like bananas.)

    *And Claire Courtin-Clarins, because she’s wearing Joli Rouge lipstick in Clarins Red, which is kind of just super-adorable, n’est ce pas?  Also, if you’re trying to emulate Claire’s look, take note: Claire always uses Tonic Body Treatment Oil on her legs, and it’s especially important in winter, when they can lose moisture more quickly.  

    Want to see how Claire does it?  Watch this video of her daily morning beauty prep.