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    • Skin Illusion mineral foundation... and a shag rug
    • Miu Miu and Instant Light Natural Lip Perfector--A perfect combo.
    • Kelly Marshall's mani-pedi moisturized with Clarins!
    • Bisous for BB Cream!JoanJo
    • Joanne D's fantastic makeup trio
    • Beach reads and sunscreen must-haves in Thailand
    • Clarins girls are happy girls!
    • Is this the best packaging ever? Oui.
    • Zoe's pretty picture.
    • Abby's starting lineup
    • Everything's better with sparkles.
    • Diamonds aside, Ombre Minerale Shadow can also be a girl's best friend.
    • Face Mask Selfie!!!
    • We look great with Spring's big trends.
    • Photo Booth Style!
    • Georgia's spring look
    • Best friends match their Clarins lipgloss.
    • Double Serum is even more innovative than the chair behind it.
    • Loz makes a Clarins kissy face.
    • Makeup Over Mind is better off red.
    • Cecile goes for the natural look.
    • Now's the time to get some sun.
    • Kerri Rudolph
    • So cute. So Clarins.
    • You're never too young for your first lipstick lesson.
    • Our secret weapon for long-lasting manicures.
    • Gear up for summer with the best sunscreen in the world.
    • BB Cream and Rouge Eclat Lipsticks are a great team.
    • Have you started your #BodyLift workout yet? Get to it!

    This year on Twitter, we issued a challenge:

    If you’ve got Clarins products in your beauty arsenal, send us a photo of your favorite ones – or if you’re feeling bold, take a photograph of your best Clarins makeup look.


    Among this week’s favorites:

    Instant Light Natural Lip Perfector continues to be the MVP of your Instagram, while self-portraits come in a close second– and there’s a fair amount of BB Cream devotion, too.

    Click through our latest gallery, and if you’ve got your own Clarins stash, Tweet or Instagram it with the tag #ShowUsYourClarins.  And if you want to see our favorites, follow us @Clarinsnews.