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    DISCUSS: Makeup and the Office

    Today on Into the Gloss, ELLE Magazine editor-in-chief Robbie Myers shares some opinions about wearing makeup in the office:

    Here’s the problem with makeup at work,” she says, “And I tell this to people in my office: if you start wearing makeup when you’re young, you’re going to be wedded to it. You get used to seeing your face that way, and then you feel naked without it.”

    But for some young professionals, makeup is part of their armor–the lipstick or eyeliner that, along with that perfect blazer and incredible workday bag–can help inject confidence and authority into the hours from 9 to 5 (or 6, or 7, or 8…).  There’s also the human element: Whether you’re driving a bus or litigating a case, it’s sometimes nice to flaunt a pop of color, even if it’s not a necessary part of your career.

    At the same time, wearing too much makeup is never chic, and can often make you look clownish or out of touch at work–exactly the place where you need to be taken seriously.

    What’s your philosophy on office makeup?  And what’s the most–and least– you’ll wear before punching in?