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    STONE COLD: The Statue of Liberty’s Real Name Is French
    • The Statue of Liberty, a joint venture between Paris and New York.
    • A Lego version
    • Her first Vogue appearance in 1939
    • On the runway at Ashish in 2009
    • With Jean Shrimpton in 1963
    • The Barbie version
    • Miranda Kerr as the Statue of Liberty, Pajama Party Edition

    Today marks a big anniversary: The Statue of Liberty’s arrival on American shores. (Thanks, Google, for the super doodle!)

    But though the landmark is an iconic American symbol, she’s got a lot of French history and influence (along with flawless, age-defying skin).

    Scroll down to see some très cool facts about the Liberty belle, including her shoe size, her connection to Notre Dame, and (gasp) her real name!

    1.  The Statue of Liberty is related to the Eiffel Tower. Architect Gustav Eiffel built Lady Liberty’s before beginning work on his own Paris landmark.

    2.  She’s also related to Notre Dame Cathedral! Architect Eugene Viollet-Le-Duc helmed the restoration of the famous Paris church before creating the S.o.L’s internal structure.

    3.  She has her own livestream called Crowd-Cam. (Really.)

    4.  She scored her first Vogue cover in 1939, and her first Glamour cover, with British model Jean Shrimpton, in 1963. 

    5. The Statue of Liberty’s sandals are a woman’s size 879.

    6.  Miranda Kerr wore a replica of her crown at the 2009 Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show.

    7.  Suffragettes were not allowed at the Statue of Liberty’s opening. Instead, they chartered a boat to get close to the monument, then held an at-sea protest for women’s rights.

    8.  To make a Lego version of the statue, you need about 3000 pieces (available in a kit).

    9.  She gets a shout-out in Empire State of Mind, Jay-Z’s biggest Billboard hit, which stayed at #1 for five weeks in a row.

    10.  The Statue of Liberty’s real name is “La Liberte Eclairant le Monde” (Liberty Enlightens the World), though her original nickname is Charlotte. Why? Because she was modeled after Charlotte Bartholdi, the mother of sculptor Frederic Auguste Bartholdi!