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    TÊTE-A-PORTER: How to Wear Makeup with a Hat
    • Lily McMenamy in Saint Laurent Paris, on
    • Hanne Gabay Odiele in Saint Laurent Paris on
    • French blogger Natacha Steven in New York City
    • Clemence Poesy in Elle Magazine
    • Virginie (left) and Claire Courtin-Clarins in Paris
    • Neon trim felt hat, $50 at Topshop
    • Start your look with Beauty Flash Balm...
    • Or by mixing some Instant Light Complexion Perfector into your usual foundation.
    • Add soft, smudged eyeliner in black...
    • Or brown, depending on your look.
    • Use neutral shades to cover your eye, lighter shades on the shallow parts and darker shades in the creases.
    • Finish with nude lip gloss...
    • And mascara that can coat your top and bottom lashes with precision.

    Floppy hats are hardly a fashion revelation, but thanks to Hedi Slimane’s recent moon goddesses on the Saint Laurent runway, every girl now seems to have one.  Witness today’s Who What Wear Daily feature, which eschews the usual celebrity trend in favor of street style chapeaux.  (It’s also a nice thing to wear in a drizzle or snow flurry, as many of us have learned this week.)

    But just like wearing glasses, sporting a hat comes with its own set of makeup rules.  The good news: They’re really easy.  

    1.  Brighten your skin.  Your features could get ashy underneath a wide-brimmed hat.  Mix your usual foundation with a squirt of Instant Light Complexion Perfector, or add some Beauty Flash Balm to your face to add some instant, natural radiance.

    2.  Heighten your eye makeup.  Fight your hat’s shadow with eyeshadow, strategically applied: Brush a light, neutral color onto your entire lid, then take a fluffy shadow brush and fill in the crease of your eyelid with a deeper brown shade.  Use light, back-and-forth strokes.  Eye Quartet Mineral Palette has four hues in one compact for easy, smoky shading.

    3.  If you want the full-on Saint Laurent effect, line your top and bottom lid with a sharp but soft brown eye pencil.  Take a Q-tip and softly smudge the color towards your lids’ outer corners.  This creates the hazy “wing” you can see on models like Hana Gaby Odile.  If you want to go even further with your eye makeup, use a black pencil instead of a brown one, and keep your strokes firmer to intensify pigment.

    4.  Add mascara, especially to your bottom lashes, to keep your eyes defined under the hat.  A formula like our Instant Definition Mascara coats each lash individually, and has a tiny spiral at the end to reach finer bottom lashes. 

    5.  Finish the look with a nude gloss to compliment the sensual, earthy vibe of your featured accessory.