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    FÊTE-A-PORTER: Save Venice
    • Getting ready for the masquerade
    • Michelle Ochs and Carly Cushnie of Cushnie et Ochs
    • Suno designer Max Osterweis in a Storm Trooper helmet
    • Moda Operandi's Lauren Santo Domingo
    • Kelly Framel of The Glamourai
    • Aaron Young
    • Michelle Harper
    • Laure DuBreuil in Alexander McQueen's mask
    • Laure and Aaron
    • Max and his Suno co-designer Erin Beatty, in Suno and a custom mask
    • Laure and Aaron from above
    • Kate Davidson Hudson
    • Michelle Ochs' mask
    • Claire Courtin-Clarins with Haley Bloomingdale
    • Vanessa Simmons
    • Laure's mask from the back
    • Up-close with Lauren Santo-Domingo
    • Billy Farrell as the Phantom of the Opera
    • Feathers!
    • Laure accepting her award for "Best Mask"

    A masked ball is always a place of intrigue, but usually you can recognize the people underneath the lace veils and the feathered hats.  

    The Save Venice Gala at the Plaza this weekend was an exception, however — at least where our friend Laure Dubreuil was concerned.  The Webster Miami founder and fashion director arrived wearing one of Alexander McQueen’s famous beekeeper masks, covered in jewels and covering her entire face.

    The good news when trying to pull off the look: You don’t need to pay too much attention to your makeup.  The bad news?  You’ve got to enlist a friend to be your seeing eye dog for the night.   Thankfully, Laure’s fiance, the artist Aaron Young, was up to the task.

    Click through to see Billy Farrell’s photos from the party, including our favorite disguises.