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    FELICITATIONS! Mad Men Makeup Gets an Emmy Nod
    • Jessica Paré's look on Mad Men
    • Jessica Paré and Jon Hamm as Megan and Don Draper
    • Get the look with the Rouge Éclat Eye Quartet Mineral Palette.
    • Get the look with Waterproof Eye Pencil.
    • Get the Look with Liquid Liner
    • Get the look with Rouge Éclat Lipstick in Petal Pink or Sweet Rose.

    This morning, Mad Men‘s amazing makeup team was nominated for an Emmy award.  The nod is well deserved, as the team created various beauty looks from 1968 with amazing results.  Especially incredible (and covetable, at least to us): The late ’60s mod makeup worn by Meanwhile, Megan Calvet Draper, played by French Canadian actress Jessica Paré.  Megan often channels Brigitte Bardot’s bombshell glamour with exaggerated cat eyes and almost-nude lips–prompting us to raid the Clarins beauty closet, finding our own tools to replicate her luscious retro look.

    Congratulations and bonne chance to the Mad Men makeup team, including Lana Horochowski, Ron Pipes, Ken Neiderbaumer, Maurine Burke, and Cyndilee Rice.

    In their honor, here is our very own Mad Men makeup tutorial:

    1. After prepping skin with a matte foundation or a silky powder, take out your Eye Quartet Mineral Palette from our Rouge Éclat collection.  Cover your entire lid with the pearlized cream shade.

    2.  Fill in the outer corners of your top lid with a soft sweep of the taupe shadow.  

    3.  Next, take a fluffy eyeshadow brush and dab it into the compact’s deep purple shade.  Fill the crease of your top lid with that shade, and yes, it should look like a purple semi-circle when your eyes are closed. (This is inspired by the ’60s, after all!)

    2.  Take black waterproof eye pencil and line your entire inner lid, top and bottom.  If it’s not waterproof, it’ll smudge (and eventually slide down your cheeks), so take care to use the correct product.

    3.  Take your black liquid eyeliner. Carefully paint a thin line from the inner corner of your top eyelid all the way out to your temple.  Trace over the line with your brush until it’s 2-3 centimeters thick.  If you’re using our liquid liner–which dries incredibly fast–this will only take a few moments.

    4.  Repeat this step on your lower lash line, aiming for a 1-2 centimeter thickness.

    5.  Add a dramatically thick coat of mascara on the top and bottom lashes.

    6.  For full period effect, choose a satin-finish lipstick that’s a shade lighter than your actual lips. Our pick: Rouge Éclat Lipstick in Petal Pink.

    7.  Secure your look with Fix’ Make-Up Spray before going to the Electric Circus and / or kissing Don Draper.